AIR Plus Inc.
Phone: (405) 618-2247
License Number: 146414
Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair – Heating & Cooling Services


About Us – Reviews

A.I.R. Plus is a Family and Christian owned Heating and AIR company. Our goal is to serve the needs of our customers as paid servants; however, our values are not connected solely to pay. We genuinely and sincerely want to take care of your family’s needs and comfort as we would take care of our own family. A.I.R. Plus does not have a Heisman trophy winning spokesperson, we don’t have a famous name or a lot of money to promote the services we provide. What we do have is our word and reputation to promote our services! And that is how we have grown our business and continue to do so, one customer at a time. We want to meet or exceed your expectations every time we take care of a need in your home or business. We follow-up on all installations with a phone call to ensure your satisfaction and address any of your concerns with the intent to solve problems immediately! 

Don’t just take our word for it, about our reputation that is, look for yourself at the following reviews.  Google Reviews