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Heating Equipment Rebates and A.F.U.E.

WHAT DOES AFUE STAND FOR? Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency HOW IS AFUE MEASURED? AFUE measures a gas furnace's efficiency in converting fuel to energy. A furnace that has an 80 percent AFUE rating can turn 80 percent of the energy it consumes into heat. The other 20...

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Gas or Propane Furnace Heat Exchanger gone bad!

Gas or Propane furnaces contain heat exchangers that produce heat when the gas or propane is burned or combusted. The combusted or by products of the fuel being utilized in the furnace produces fumes that should be vented to the outdoors. As the heat exchangers wear...

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Outdoor A/C Noise! What is causing it?

  The outdoor air conditioning unit is getting louder and louder! What causes it to get so loud? Many things can make the cooling unit louder, but the most common is lack of service. Cleaning, adjusting and checking the operation is a must to keep the noise down...

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