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Another Frozen Up A/C Compressor and Evaporator Coil

Why would you see frozen material or ice on your Air-Conditioning System? Low on refrigerant, maybe! But, in this case the owner allowed the air filters to get so dirty the blower motor ripped up the fan belt, which in turn shut down the air flow all together! No air flow, ice, frozen material and possible catastrophic repairs are headed your way. Call a licensed HVAC contractor today to insure your heating and cooling system are in the best possible conditions they can be! Your comfort and your wallet are depending on you! Call 405-618-2247 or 405-421-5191 today.


Frozen Compressor

Frozen Evaporator Coil – Block of Ice! Caused by dirty air filter and destroyed blower motor fan belt!

Frozen Compressor 2

Frozen A/C Compressor – Caused by a Dirty Air Filter and destroyed Fan Belt on the blower motor.