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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Why should I clean my A/C System? (See the attached picture.)

This is a picture of a system that is in immediate need of cleaning! Does your system look like this?
If so, look at reasons why you should clean it!


> Save energy!
> Save money!
> Save your System and prolong its useful life!
> Improve the comfort level in your home!
> Peace of mind in knowing your are mainting a very expensive piece of equipment for your home!

Call A.I.R. and let us demonstrate to you how we can save your system and your money!

A.I.R. becomes Nest Certified

Certified Nest Installer
A.I.R Air-Conditioning Installation and Repair is proud to announce that A.I.R. is now a certified installer of the Nest thermostat. A thermostat that programs itself!

50% of your home’s energy cost is connected to your Heating and Cooling cost. The Nest features include: Auto-Scheduler, Auto-Away, Airwave, Energy History, Nest Leaf, System Match and Remote Control via the internet.
Call 405-618-2AIR for detailed information on how to improve your energy cost and find out how the Nest thermostat can pay for its self!


Nest in_the_box-6e90152e


Advantage Program

A.I.R. Service Benefits Include:

> 10% Discount on all labor
> $25.00 Off any part order
  over $100.00
> Priority Customer Status
  for scheduling
> Free Estimates for
  Equipment Replacement
> Lifetime Warranty on all
  Duct System Work
> Free e-mail alerts and reminder
  calls for seasonal service


10% Labor Savings for Seniors and Veterans!